Index of RHESSI SOH data 1 day Averages:

Spacecraft Bus

Power System

Battery Voltage [V]

hsi_1day_batt_volt.txt (TEXT)

hsi_1day_batt_volt.gif (GIF)

Battery Current [A]

hsi_1day_batt_curr.txt (TEXT)

hsi_1day_batt_curr.gif (GIF)

Solar Array Current [A]

hsi_1day_sa_curr.txt (TEXT)

hsi_1day_sa_curr.gif (GIF)

Solar Array Temperature [C]

hsi_1day_sa_temp.txt (TEXT)

hsi_1day_sa_temp.gif (GIF)

Battery Chassis Temperature [C]

hsi_1day_batt_ch_temp.txt (TEXT)

hsi_1day_batt_ch_temp.gif (GIF)

Battery Temperature 1 [C]

hsi_1day_batt_temp1.txt (TEXT)

hsi_1day_batt_temp1.gif (GIF)

Battery Temperature 2 [C]

hsi_1day_batt_temp2.txt (TEXT)

hsi_1day_batt_temp2.gif (GIF)

Battery Pressure 1 [kPa]

hsi_1day_batt_press1.txt (TEXT)

hsi_1day_batt_press1.gif (GIF)

Battery Pressure 2 [kPa]

hsi_1day_batt_press2.txt (TEXT)

hsi_1day_batt_press2.gif (GIF)

Battery State of Charge 1 [%]

hsi_1day_battsoc1.txt (TEXT)

hsi_1day_battsoc1.gif (GIF)

Battery State of Charge 2 [%]

hsi_1day_battsoc2.txt (TEXT)

hsi_1day_battsoc2.gif (GIF)

Battery Pressure Difference

hsi_1day_batpressdiff.txt (TEXT)

hsi_1day_batpressdiff.gif (GIF)

Battery Maxima and minima

Minimum Battery Voltage [V]

hsi_1day_min_batt_volt.txt (TEXT)

hsi_1day_min_batt_volt.gif (GIF)

Maximum Battery Temperature 1 [C]

hsi_1day_max_batt_temp1.txt (TEXT)

hsi_1day_max_batt_temp1.gif (GIF)

Maximum Battery Temperature 2 [C]

hsi_1day_max_batt_temp2.txt (TEXT)

hsi_1day_max_batt_temp2.gif (GIF)

Maximum Battery Pressure 1 [kPa]

hsi_1day_max_batt_press1.txt (TEXT)

hsi_1day_max_batt_press1.gif (GIF)

Maximum Battery Pressure 2 [kPa]

hsi_1day_max_batt_press2.txt (TEXT)

hsi_1day_max_batt_press2.gif (GIF)

Attitude Control System

ACS Mode

hsi_1day_acs_mode.txt (TEXT)

hsi_1day_acs_mode.gif (GIF)

ACS Transition Control

hsi_1day_tacscmdmode.txt (TEXT)

hsi_1day_tacscmdmode.gif (GIF)

Spacecraft Spin Rate [rpm]

hsi_1day_spin_rate.txt (TEXT)

hsi_1day_spin_rate.gif (GIF)

CSS Sun Presence Indicator

hsi_1day_css_insun.txt (TEXT)

hsi_1day_css_insun.gif (GIF)

CSS Pointing Error [deg]

hsi_1day_taccsspnterr.txt (TEXT)

hsi_1day_taccsspnterr.gif (GIF)

FSS Pointing Error [deg]

hsi_1day_tacfsspnterr.txt (TEXT)

hsi_1day_tacfsspnterr.gif (GIF)

SAS Pointing Error [deg]

hsi_1day_tacsaspnterr.txt (TEXT)

hsi_1day_tacsaspnterr.gif (GIF)

Torque Rod X Temperature [C]

hsi_1day_tor_x_temp.txt (TEXT)

hsi_1day_tor_x_temp.gif (GIF)

Torque Rod Y Temperature [C]

hsi_1day_tor_y_temp.txt (TEXT)

hsi_1day_tor_y_temp.gif (GIF)

Torque Rod Z Temperature [C]

hsi_1day_tor_z_temp.txt (TEXT)

hsi_1day_tor_z_temp.gif (GIF)

Spacecraft Electronics Module

SEM Chassis Temperature [C]

hsi_1day_sem_temp.txt (TEXT)

hsi_1day_sem_temp.gif (GIF)

Solid State Recorder

SSR Chassis Temperature [C]

hsi_1day_ssr_temp.txt (TEXT)

hsi_1day_ssr_temp.gif (GIF)

SSR Fill Level [%]

hsi_1day_isc_ssr.txt (TEXT)

hsi_1day_isc_ssr.gif (GIF)

Communications System

Transponder PS Temperature [C]

hsi_1day_trnsp_ps_temp.txt (TEXT)

hsi_1day_trnsp_ps_temp.gif (GIF)

Transmit PA Temperature [C]

hsi_1day_trnsm_pa_temp.txt (TEXT)

hsi_1day_trnsm_pa_temp.gif (GIF)

Transmit Power [W]

hsi_1day_trnsm_pwr.txt (TEXT)

hsi_1day_trnsm_pwr.gif (GIF)

Transmit Data Rate [kbps] 0=125 1=4000

hsi_1day_trnsm_rate.txt (TEXT)

hsi_1day_trnsm_rate.gif (GIF)

Receiver AGC Level [dBm]

hsi_1day_tparxsigpwr.txt (TEXT)

hsi_1day_tparxsigpwr.gif (GIF)


Aspect Data Processor

Program Checksum

hsi_1day_iadp_dspsvc1.txt (TEXT)

hsi_1day_iadp_dspsvc1.gif (GIF)

Parameter Table ID

hsi_1day_iadp_ptid.txt (TEXT)

hsi_1day_iadp_ptid.gif (GIF)

Solar Aspect System

SAS Cadency [Hz] 0=128, 1=8, 9=16, 13=32, 15=64

hsi_1day_iadp_scad.txt (TEXT)

hsi_1day_iadp_scad.gif (GIF)

Triggered Solar Limbs

hsi_1day_iadp_limbs.txt (TEXT)

hsi_1day_iadp_limbs.gif (GIF)

Roll Aspect Sensor

RAS Chassis Temperature [C]

hsi_1day_ras_ch_temp.txt (TEXT)

hsi_1day_ras_ch_temp.gif (GIF)

RAS CCD Temperature [C]

hsi_1day_ras_ccd_temp.txt (TEXT)

hsi_1day_ras_ccd_temp.gif (GIF)

PMT Roll Angle Sensor


hsi_1day_pmtras_hv.txt (TEXT)

hsi_1day_pmtras_hv.gif (GIF)


hsi_1day_pmtras_count_ok.txt (TEXT)

hsi_1day_pmtras_count_ok.gif (GIF)

Grid Trays

Upper Grid Tray Temperature [C]

hsi_1day_iugt1t.txt (TEXT)

hsi_1day_iugt1t.gif (GIF)

Lower Grid Tray Temperature [C]

hsi_1day_ilgt1t.txt (TEXT)

hsi_1day_ilgt1t.gif (GIF)



Cryocooler Current [A]

hsi_1day_cryo_curr.txt (TEXT)

hsi_1day_cryo_curr.gif (GIF)

Cryocooler Power [W]

hsi_1day_cryopower.txt (TEXT)

hsi_1day_cryopower.gif (GIF)

Accelerometer Amplitude [mG]

hsi_1day_iaccel.txt (TEXT)

hsi_1day_iaccel.gif (GIF)

Heat Reject Collar Temperature [C]

hsi_1day_irad1t.txt (TEXT)

hsi_1day_irad1t.gif (GIF)

Radiator Temperature [C]

hsi_1day_irad2t.txt (TEXT)

hsi_1day_irad2t.gif (GIF)

Cold Plate Temperature Monitor #1 (16 bit)

hsi_1day_icp1t.txt (TEXT)

hsi_1day_icp1t.gif (GIF)

Cold Plate Temperature Monitor #2 (16 bit)

hsi_1day_icp2t.txt (TEXT)

hsi_1day_icp2t.gif (GIF)

Cold Tip Temperature Monitor #1 (16 bit)

hsi_1day_ict1t.txt (TEXT)

hsi_1day_ict1t.gif (GIF)

Cold Tip Temperature Monitor #2 (16 bit)

hsi_1day_ict2t.txt (TEXT)

hsi_1day_ict2t.gif (GIF)

Thermal Shield Temperature Monitor (16 bit)

hsi_1day_itst.txt (TEXT)

hsi_1day_itst.gif (GIF)

Cryocooler Efficiency 1 (W^(-1)) = heat reject collar temp / (cold tip temp 1 * cryocooler power)

hsi_1day_cryo_eff1.txt (TEXT)

hsi_1day_cryo_eff1.gif (GIF)

Cryocooler Efficiency 2 (W^(-1)) = heat reject collar temp / (cold tip temp 2 * cryocooler power)

hsi_1day_cryo_eff2.txt (TEXT)

hsi_1day_cryo_eff2.gif (GIF)

Other Spacecraft Temperatures

Instrument CPC temperature [C]

hsi_1day_icpct.txt (TEXT)

hsi_1day_icpct.gif (GIF)

BUS CPC temperature [C]

hsi_1day_bus_cpc_temp.txt (TEXT)

hsi_1day_bus_cpc_temp.gif (GIF)

IDPU Temperature [C]

hsi_1day_idpu_temp.txt (TEXT)

hsi_1day_idpu_temp.gif (GIF)

Mid Spectrometer Radiator Temperature [C]

hsi_1day_spec_mid_temp.txt (TEXT)

hsi_1day_spec_mid_temp.gif (GIF)

Temperature Differences

HRC to Cold Tip Temp #1 Diff. [C]

hsi_1day_irad1t_ict1t.txt (TEXT)

hsi_1day_irad1t_ict1t.gif (GIF)

Radiator to Cold Tip Temp #1 Diff. [C]

hsi_1day_irad2t_ict1t.txt (TEXT)

hsi_1day_irad2t_ict1t.gif (GIF)

Thermal Shield to Cold Tip Temp #1 Diff. [C]

hsi_1day_itst_ict1t.txt (TEXT)

hsi_1day_itst_ict1t.gif (GIF)

HRC to Cold Tip Temp #2 Diff. [C]

hsi_1day_irad1t_ict2t.txt (TEXT)

hsi_1day_irad1t_ict2t.gif (GIF)

Radiator to Cold Tip Temp #2 Diff. [C]

hsi_1day_irad2t_ict2t.txt (TEXT)

hsi_1day_irad2t_ict2t.gif (GIF)

Thermal Shield to Cold Tip Temp #2 Diff. [C]

hsi_1day_itst_ict2t.txt (TEXT)

hsi_1day_itst_ict2t.gif (GIF)

Lower to Upper Grid Temp Diff. [C]

hsi_1day_ilgt1t_iugt1t.txt (TEXT)

hsi_1day_ilgt1t_iugt1t.gif (GIF)

HRC to Radiator Temp Diff. [C]

hsi_1day_irad1t_irad2t.txt (TEXT)

hsi_1day_irad1t_irad2t.gif (GIF)

HRC to Mid Spectrometer Radiator Temp Diff. [C]

hsi_1day_irad1t_spec_mid_temp.txt (TEXT)

hsi_1day_irad1t_spec_mid_temp.gif (GIF)

Mid Spectrometer Radiator to Radiator Temp Diff. [C]

hsi_1day_spec_mid_temp_irad2t.txt (TEXT)

hsi_1day_spec_mid_temp_irad2t.gif (GIF)

Spacecraft Currents

IDPU Current [A]

hsi_1day_idpu_curr.txt (TEXT)

hsi_1day_idpu_curr.gif (GIF)

Essential Bus Current [A]

hsi_1day_ess_bus_curr.txt (TEXT)

hsi_1day_ess_bus_curr.gif (GIF)

NEB1 Bus Current [A]

hsi_1day_neb1_bus_curr.txt (TEXT)

hsi_1day_neb1_bus_curr.gif (GIF)

IDPU Heater Bus Current [A]

hsi_1day_idpu_htr_curr.txt (TEXT)

hsi_1day_idpu_htr_curr.gif (GIF)

NEB2 Bus Current [A]

hsi_1day_neb2_bus_curr.txt (TEXT)

hsi_1day_neb2_bus_curr.gif (GIF)

IDPU Switched Loads Current [A]

hsi_1day_idpu_swl_curr.txt (TEXT)

hsi_1day_idpu_swl_curr.gif (GIF)


hsi_1day_gnd_summcurr.txt (TEXT)

hsi_1day_gnd_summcurr.gif (GIF)

Battery Voltage times Solar Array Current [W]

hsi_1day_batt_volt_x_sa_curr.txt (TEXT)

hsi_1day_batt_volt_x_sa_curr.gif (GIF)

HV Power Supply

HV Detector 1 [V]

hsi_1day_hv1.txt (TEXT)

hsi_1day_hv1.gif (GIF)

HV Detector 2 [V]

hsi_1day_hv2.txt (TEXT)

hsi_1day_hv2.gif (GIF)

HV Detector 3 [V]

hsi_1day_hv3.txt (TEXT)

hsi_1day_hv3.gif (GIF)

HV Detector 4 [V]

hsi_1day_hv4.txt (TEXT)

hsi_1day_hv4.gif (GIF)

HV Detector 5 [V]

hsi_1day_hv5.txt (TEXT)

hsi_1day_hv5.gif (GIF)

HV Detector 6 [V]

hsi_1day_hv6.txt (TEXT)

hsi_1day_hv6.gif (GIF)

HV Detector 7 [V]

hsi_1day_hv7.txt (TEXT)

hsi_1day_hv7.gif (GIF)

HV Detector 8 [V]

hsi_1day_hv8.txt (TEXT)

hsi_1day_hv8.gif (GIF)

HV Detector 9 [V]

hsi_1day_hv9.txt (TEXT)

hsi_1day_hv9.gif (GIF)

Live Time

Avg. Live time

hsi_1day_iavglive.txt (TEXT)

hsi_1day_iavglive.gif (GIF)

Attenuators and Particle Detector

Attenuator Control

Attenuator Motion, 0=DISABLED, 1=ENABLED

hsi_1day_iena_att.txt (TEXT)

hsi_1day_iena_att.gif (GIF)

Attenuator Logic, 0=DISABLED, 1=ENABLED

hsi_1day_iena_ale.txt (TEXT)

hsi_1day_iena_ale.gif (GIF)

Thin Attenuator Position, 1=OUT, 2=IN

hsi_1day_iactshutter2.txt (TEXT)

hsi_1day_iactshutter2.gif (GIF)

Thick Attenuator Position, 1=OUT, 2=IN

hsi_1day_iactshutter1.txt (TEXT)

hsi_1day_iactshutter1.gif (GIF)

Attenuator Temperature [C]

hsi_1day_iattt.txt (TEXT)

hsi_1day_iattt.gif (GIF)

Attenuation Level Recommended (00:Open,11=Full)

hsi_1day_iattlevel.txt (TEXT)

hsi_1day_iattlevel.gif (GIF)

Particle Detector

PD Chassis Temperature [C]

hsi_1day_ipdt.txt (TEXT)

hsi_1day_ipdt.gif (GIF)

PD Event Counter A [cts]

hsi_1day_ipd_ctra.txt (TEXT)

hsi_1day_ipd_ctra.gif (GIF)

PD Event Counter B [cts]

hsi_1day_ipd_ctrb.txt (TEXT)

hsi_1day_ipd_ctrb.gif (GIF)

Data Recovery

Fraction of recovered Science Data

hsi_1day_data_frac102.txt (TEXT)

hsi_1day_data_frac102.gif (GIF)

Fraction of recovered SOH Data

hsi_1day_data_frac001.txt (TEXT)

hsi_1day_data_frac001.gif (GIF)